Artist Application

How it works

Southern Art & Makers Collective operates like a co-op. We represent artists from around the Southeast. Each artist rents a space within our shop and designs their own display space. Our spaces range from 1/2 table to a 10 foot wall space. We also have shelves available for smaller works. Prices range from $20 per month for shelf space, $25-$70 per month for table space, and $13 per linear foot for wall space. Wall spaces are 8 feet high and include the ability to come out 2 feet from the wall. We also take a small commission to cover credit card fees and expenses.

Artist Benefits include:

  • Representation in a brick and mortar shop - we sell your stuff for you!

  • We collect and pay sales tax for you

  • Monthly report of sales

  • Periodic vendor reviews - we will give you feedback on your space, your presentation, and your work to help you increase sales

  • Social media promotion

  • Discount on classroom rental - vendors can rent our classroom space to teach classes at a discounted rate

  • Free vendor events and classes to help you grow your business and connect with other makers


Interested in being one of our artists?

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Our artist application is a juried review of your work. We will review your website and social media to determine if your work will be a good fit for our clientele. If you do not have a website or social media, please email 4 photos of your work to AFTER you have completed the application below.

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